Long time visitors to Jumbo deLuxe may notice a few differences around here. Namely, all the old blog posts, comments, pages and a few other thingamajigs are gone.
That’s because my site was hacked back in February, so I took everything down and I decided to start fresh by re-posting all the old comics and re-writing the other page content.
Turns out I had not backed up my site for a while, so all those fun blog posts I made are lost forever. The ‘about’ page and ‘characters’ pages were getting outdated, so I plan to make shiny new versions of those.

If this is your first time here, or just want to know a bit of what this is all about, here’s a bit of an intro:


Jumbo deLuxe Comic Strip Adventures is a an ongoing comics project made by Portland-Based cartoonist / Illustrator / Graphic Artist Adrian J. Wallace. It’s a deliberate homage to old-timey American and European comic strips, but set in 2010. While there is a story arc that holds everthing together, the comic is driven mainly by visual gags, satire, and character humor.

The main characters are

  • Emily: The bossy five-year-old kid sister.
  • Nathan: Know-it-all boy engineer.
  • The Dog: Loyal friend to Emily.
  • Emily and Nathan’s Grandma: A sole voice of reason and authority.
  • James: Nathan’s sad pal.
  • Maddie: Nathan’s rival.
  • Roger: The cool kid, quite possibly the real ‘villain’ of the strip.
  • Mr Walnuss and Mrs Prozack: Faculty members at Nikola Tesla High School.
  • Various Non-sentient Robots (This is a webcomic, after all. You gotta have robots.)
  • A Monkey (Or possibly a small ape.)