Ricky Gervais with Steve Merchant, Karl Pilkington, and a monkey or chimpanzee

Oh! Chimpanzee That.

Sci-Bot 9000

Sci-Bot 9000

Cort and Fatboy  rendered in the style of a popular comic from the '80's

Cort and Fatboy

Drawing can be lonely work, that’s why many cartoonists like to listen to music or some background chatter while they work. Podcasts provide laughs and learning  better than any new media, and since they’re usually offered to the internet for free, I feel obliged to pay them back with a silly drawing or two.

So far I’ve made doodles for Ricky Gervais (with his pals Karl Pilkington and Steve Merchant), The Sci-Guys, and most recently Cort and Fatboy.

Give any of these a listen because they’re great fun, though be warned that this is the internet and you might hear some swearing or bathroom humor once in awhile. If you like them, do them a favor by subscribing to their itunes feed, buy their swag, simply telling your friends, or make some fan art for them.

I haven’t made a sketch for HP Podcraft yet, though they’re another favorite.