drawing by Ken Koral featuring Evie, Emily, Ryan and NathanKen Koral is a busy guy. He has kids & stuff and he’s also managing to write and draw the twelve bazillion page graphic novel Eventy Seven which he posts over at his site, KenKoral.com. Like Jumbo deLuxe, his protagonists are clever children living in a world where things are slightly askew. Actually, the world in ‘Eventy Seven’ may be a lot worse, since it’s a tiny town in rural Oregon in 1981. They’re still wearing bell bottom pants and poor Evie has to contend regularly with ghosts, annoying brothers, terrible grown-ups, a time traveler from the future, and possibly the end of the world. It makes for some exciting and compelling storytelling, and Ken’s full-color artwork is beautifully textured and emotionally nuanced. Ken drew our own Emily and Nathan meeting his characters Evie and Ryan for the first time. They appear to have hit it off very nicely.